Craig talks us through his top tips for this month.
  1. Tomatoes - Remove side shoots, there should only be one head. Once you have four trusses (flowers) remove 3 or 4 of the bottom leaves to let the sun reach the fruit. Never let your tomato plant dry out. This will cause black bottoms. Water little and often, feeding once a week. Make sure greenhouse is well ventilated in the warm days.
  2. Plant up hanging baskets and tubs. Water these daily and feed weekly. Dead heading regularly will also keep the blooms coming all summer long!
  3. Watch out for slugs. This year has been particularly wet and they are out in abundance. Use pet control where necessary.
  4. Grass - try and cut this once a week in hot weather to avoid it burning. Feed the grass with lawn feed, remember to water this if there is no rain forecast or it won't take! Consider leaving a patch of longer grass for wildlife.
  5. Hoe flower beds before weeds grow larger and self seed. Use weed killer where necessary.
  6. Consider planting some plants to attract pollinators such as verbena, salvia, lavender or hardy geraniums.
  7. Get the kids involved! They will love the outdoors, and it's a great way for them to learn too. Try planting up some sunflowers or strawberries, as these are easy to grow.
  8. Finally, get out and enjoy the outdoors! Enjoy your garden!