Craig talks us through his top tips for this month.


  1. Sow seeds outdoors. There are many plants that are now ready to be sown outside including wildflowers. These are ideal for people who don't have greenhouses or the time to sow inside, please remember to follow the guide on the packet for maximum results.
  2. Lawn care - continue to work on your lawn. Fixing patches, restore it by using grass seed. Remember to pick a seed that's suitable for the area you're repairing. In the shade? Buy a seed specifically for shady areas in the garden.
  3. Protect less hardy plants. There is still a chance we will get late frosts, so make sure your protecting your most vulnerable plants. 
  4. Prune climbing roses. If left rose bushes can become a mess and may not flower as well as they could if maintained. 
  5. Weed control. Weeds can effect new seedlings, so it may be an idea to get rid of them. They start to spring up this time of year, so keep an eye out if you have a particular area you don't want them in. But remember, the bees do love dandelions, so leaving some could also be good for the garden. 
  6. Continue the tidy up. Our gardens can still look a bit rough around the edges at this time of year, but with sunnier days incoming it's best to get ahead of the curve and keep  the tidying going. You'll thank yourself later wen you buy more plants and can get straight to planting!
  7. House plants - they are now in their growing season and it's a good idea to increase how often you water them and feed them. Be care to not over water though, as this can lead to root rot. Remember, different plants require different care, and the room they are in can also effect how often you will need to water them. Be mindful not to water all plants the same!